Safe Workplace Statement

WIFT Australia has zero tolerance for unsafe behaviours, including discrimination of any kind, harassment and bullying, at our events and within our social channels.

WIFT Australia is committed to actively working to eliminate sexual harassment and other unsafe workplace practices and behaviours in the screen industry. All reports of harassment, bullying and other unacceptable behaviour will be swiftly investigated in accordance with our policies and relevant legislation and acted upon as appropriate.

When you are at a WIFT Australia event (national or state), if you experience harassment or feel unsafe, please report it as soon as possible to the WIFT Australia representative at the event or by contacting the below:

WIFT Australia Chair:

WIFT Australia Administrator:

Harassment can include behaviour such as:

  • unwelcome sexual conduct that would offend

  • humiliate or intimidate the person harassed

  • telling insulting jokes about particular racial groups

  • making derogatory comments or taunts about a person’s disability

  • asking intrusive questions about someone’s personal life, including his or her sex life.


It is important we are aware of any harassment and unsafe behaviours, so that we can best support you to ensure you feel safe and we can deal with the matter appropriately.