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Why a national WIFT?

WIFT Victoria, WIFT NSW and WIFT Western Australia along with informal WIFT chapters across the other states and territories, met in mid-2017 to work together on a national strategy to combat gender equity in the screen industry. It was decided that a national organisation would be the best way to achieve this goal for a number of reasons...

The time is right

There is a stronger than ever international awareness of the lack of diversity, including gender diversity, in screen representation. Although there are a number of gender initiatives in the industry today,  it is only the beginning. Much systemic change is required if we are to avoid the recidivist problems evidenced after the 70’s women’s screen programs.

Stronger together

We believe that by standing together we draw strength from one another.  This allows us to amplify our voices by having a united front when advocating as well as by allowing us to share resources and cross-pollinate our talents.

National issues need national solutions 

WIFT local chapters are already working towards national policy change but national issues require national solutions and we need to ensure that women from across Australia are part of that conversation. Any long-lasting solutions must be made with our inclusion at the table. 

Lighten the burden  

We hope that by allowing WIFT Australia to do the heavy work of advocacy, finances and administration, we will enable the branches to be fluid in responding to the abilities, needs, and pleasures of their communities. In doing so we look to create a sustainable national model that lifts us all and burns out no one.

WIFT Australia was officially launched at the Gold Coast Film Festival on Friday 20 April 2018. The existing chapters in Victoria and Western Australia will continue to operate in conjunction with WIFT Australia,  sharing advocacy, initiative work and administration duties. WIFT NSW is in the process of transitioning up into WIFT Australia.

The WIFT Australia Board is made up of 8 state and territory board members and up to 4 additional board members. Further board members will be announced over the coming months.

For more information on your local chapter, click here.


WIFT Australia Board Members












Shannon Wilson-McClinton

Megan Riakos

Anna Cadden

Katrina Irawati Graham (Chairperson)

Kath McIntyre

Briony Kidd

Andrea Buck

Alexandra Nell

Ana Tiwary

Ljudån Michaelis-Thorpe


WIFT Australia Committee


QLD     Samantha Laidlaw

ACT     Marisa Martin

SA       Olga Nowicka

TAS     Jane Hamilton-Foster

TAS     Georgina Jenkins

Claudia Keech - WIFT Australia International Liaison

VIC      Margarita Ivanovsky

QLD     Karolina Berkell-Kirk

QLD     Lucy Fisher

WA      Emilia Jolakoska


WIFT Australia Sponsors

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