Safer Workplace Strategies

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L-R: Jessica Kouhry, Tracey Corbin-Matchett, Genevieve Craig, Megan Riakos, Katrina Graham & Rosie Lourde. 

“Men and women, organisations large and small, must all work together to change the tide, so that in the future in a year’s time, in five years from now, we won’t be facing the same statistics having the same conversations or struggling with the same work conditions that we are today. We will instead be able to look back and proudly say we stepped up and we did what had to be done. And we did this together.” 
— Megan Riakos, President WIFT NSW

The impetus

Following the allegations brought against Harvey Weinstein in October 2017 and the subsequent #MeToo movement, WIFT NSW Executives and Committee members were inundated by concerns from members now reviewing their own experiences in the Australian Film and TV industry in a new light. Aware of the desperate need for clear and accurate expert advice, WIFT NSW brought together leading professionals in the fields of workplace safety, human resources, human rights, litigation and counselling in a half-day forum free for industry members to attend and live-streamed via Facebook.

The resources

These webpages have been created to provide the captioned videos for the forum split into the different speeches and segments, as well as links to the resources discussed throughout the event.

The topics for the event were divided into two broad categories: My Rights and Pathways My Responsibilities for Cultural Change interspersed by toolkit sessions designed to provide tangible take-aways on the day. The pages on this site will mirror the structure of the forum.

The supporters

The scale and success of the Safer Workplace Strategies Forum hinged on broad spectrum industry support. This support was provided by the following organisations and agencies: 

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