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Screen Industry Survey Report

The Raising Films Australia Screen Industry Survey report - Honey, I Hid the Kids: Experiences of Parents and Carers in the Australian Screen Industry, has generated a long overdue discussion about the rights and needs of parents and carers working in the Australian screen industry. The survey findings will now inform strategies and policy changes to create more family friendly workplaces and support workers in the screen industry to better fulfil their work and caring commitments.

The six-page summary report is available here.

The full report is available here.

In May 2018, the Raising Films Australia Screen Industry Survey was launched. The survey was open for six weeks and received over 600 responses from across Australia. 

The aim of the survey was to examine the needs of and issues faced by parents and carers working in the Australian screen industry. The survey found that in the Australian screen sector women are more negatively affected by caring responsibilities, adding another layer to gender inequality in the workplace. We hope that the survey results will inform and drive policy and cultural change within the industry to assist parents and carers maintain their careers and achieve a better, more flexible and dynamic industry for all. 

We are grateful to all those who responded to the survey and of course to the team behind the survey, lead by Professor Deb Verhoeven (UTS) and Dr Sheree Gregory (WSU).

The summary report was launched at The Adelaide Film Festival with much support from the South Australian Film Corporation and Create NSW and the full report was launched at the Screen Forever conference on 21 November 2018.  The follow up Raising Films Australia industry wide forum was held at the Australian Film Television and Radio School, Sydney on 6 December 2018.

WIFT Australia wishes to acknowledge the support of Create NSW, South Australian Film Corporation, Australian Film Television & Radio School and the many industry groups who have resourced and supported all Raising Films Australia's initiatives.

WIFT NSW President's Message

In February 2018, WIFT launched Raising Films Australia, in recognition of the enormous impact that caring responsibilities are having on women’s participation in the screen industry. We hope this report will kick-start a long overdue conversation around the challenges and obstacles that parents and carers face and drive strategies to address them. WIFT recognises that although women are predominantly the ones affected by an industry that is inflexible and taxing on family life, the situation is not just a woman’s problem. All parents and carers benefit from an industry that works smarter not harder. One that offers more flexible work arrangements, support for carers via provision of childcare through onset creches or subsidies and a more open, inclusive and humane workplace. By having the facts and figures before us and strong industry support, we can change the culture of our sector. Until then, not only are we losing the years of experience and education that parents and carers have, but we are also missing out on those perspectives in our on-screen stories, and a more inclusive industry is a better industry for all. 

About The Survey

The survey was based on a 2016 survey released by UK sister organisation Raising Films and was developed for Australia through a collaboration between University of Technology, Sydney and Women in Film and Television (WIFT) NSW with funding support from Create NSW.
With many aspects of industry working conditions such as ad-hoc and long hours, remote locations and unpredictable income at odds with regular family life, the survey is a call out to industry to use the data to look for solutions to ensure a sustainable, equitable and more considerate industry for working parents and carers.
An additional section was also included in the survey to examine women's experience in the screen industry more broadly. This section contains questions replicated from the Women In Australian Film, Television, Video and Radio Industries surveys commissioned by the Australian Film Commission in 1987 and 1992. This will provide valuable longitudinal statistics to help track the working conditions for women in the Australian screen industry over the past 31 years. 

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