Raising Films Australia Screen Industry Forum

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Jocelyn Moorhouse. Photographer: Rosie Keogh 

‘I believe there is a need for the nurturing and caring of children to be not just a mother’s concern, or a father’s, but society’s concern. If there are initiatives in place to safeguard the wellbeing of our children then society as a whole will become more inclusive. More parents will be leaders, more women will be in positions to influence laws and change public perceptions.  The female voice will grow stronger. Nurturers will have more power. That’s got to be a good thing.’
— Jocelyn Moorhouse, Keynote Speaker

The impetus

The Raising Films Australia Screen Industry Forum was held in response to the Raising Films Australia Screen Industry Survey Report- Honey, I Hid the Kids!: Experiences of parents and carers in the Australian Screen Industry and aims to identify workable actions to address the needs of and issues faced by, parents and carers working in the Australian screen sector. The Forum was held at Australian Film Television & Radio School on Thursday 6 December and was live-streamed nationally. 

The resources

These webpages have been created to provide the captioned videos, information on speakers and different segments that were covered at the Raising Films Australia Screen Industry Forum. There is also a resource section that will provide valuable information on support and initiatives already available.

The topics covered during the forum were the following:

- Jocelyn Moorhouse, Keynote Speaker

- Report Findings on Honey I Hid the Kids!: Experiences of parents and carers in the Australian Screen Industry

- The Case For Action

- Toolkit: Crash Course in Creche Essentials

- Is Care QAPE-able?

- SAFC: Raising Industry Responses

- The Struggle of the Juggle

- Round Table Discussions

The supporters

The scale and success of the Safer Workplace Strategies Forum hinged on broad spectrum industry support. This support was provided by the following organisations and agencies:

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